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About Kyle Davis, LMP, RYT

Kyle Davis, LMP, RYT

Kyle Davis, LMP, RYT

My personal mission across all of my work is to help people move better and move more so they can enjoy their life, their sports, and their passions without pain or restriction. I am a personal trainer, massage therapist, indoor cycling instructor, endurance running coach, and yoga teacher based in South Lake Union. 

As a personal trainer, I use a variety of techniques to establish where you can optimize your movement patterns; including functional movement screening as well as running form analysis. Once individualized corrective exercises have been integrated into your routine, we’ll be able to collaborate on developing a progressive workout program to create positive change that is not only tailored to your fitness goals and your body’s needs, but also practical to your daily life.

Our small group training sessions focus on becoming stronger and fitter within groups of 6 or more and allow for a strong sense of community and motivation, all while maintaining personal attention. These total body workouts are functional training oriented and incorporate all major movement patterns and planes of motions. Every group training workout can be scaled for a wide variety of fitness levels, but high intensity effort is assured. Your body will get stronger, metabolism faster, your cardio-repiratory fitness will improve and you will watch your body change.

As a massage therapist, I have 12+ years experience practicing deep tissue & sports massage, kinesiotaping, and trigger point release on active bodies. Whether you need regular maintenance for perennial athletes or a directed treatment for a chronic movement issue, I can lead you through a functional movement assessment, tailor a bodywork session for your specific needs, and provide corrective exercises to ensure the maximum effects of the massage are realized. 

Lets get moving!

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