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Personal Training

NWFP-6Personal training with Kyle is an ideal option for busy Seattle people who need a personalized workout plan, individualized habit coaching, or who have significant previous orthopedic injuries.  It is recommended for all clients to do a minimum of 3 sessions of personal training with Kyle on an individual basis,  prior to joining his group training. This allows him to do movement analysis, prescribe personalized corrective exercises and do health history screening. This includes functional movement screening as well as running form analysis when useful. Once your individualized corrective exercises have been integrated, Kyle will develop a progressive workout program for you to create positive change that is not only tailored to your fitness goals and your body’s needs, but also practical to your daily life.



  • Functional Training
  • Behavior Change Coaching
  • Individualized Yoga Instruction
  • Endurance Sports Coaching
  • Running Training – 5k to Ultramarathon

Prices $90/hour

Call Kyle at 206-724-7786 for an appointment.