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Massage with Kyle Davis

Massage 2Massage is essential to keep an active body working well, and when you get a massage with Kyle Davis, he brings all of the tools in his expansive toolbox to bear in order to facilitate positive change to that goal. Techniques including therapeutic athletic massage, Kinesiotaping, assisted stretching, trigger point therapy and myofascial release all work together to correct your movement dysfunctions, improve your flexibility or alleviate pain.

Located in Barlas Chiropractic on Westlake Ave near the South lake union neighborhood of Seattle, Kyle’s practice is conveniently situated to those living or working near downtown. Prices are $90 for an hour massage or $130 for 90 minutes.

Releasing restrictions in connective tissue and muscle, improving postural alignment will empower you in your own health. The combination Kyle’s physical assessment with what you feel, gives a more complete picture of the problem, finds a more precise and beneficial solution together.

Kyle’s Education & Experience

  • Massage training at Brenneke School of Massage
  • Washington massage license: Kyle Davis MA 00022399
  • Additional continuing education in trigger point therapy, sports massage, hip and lower back imbalances and  kinesiotaping

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